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The Annual Lectures – Revolutionise

The flagship annual event for Revolutionise is their Annual Lectures, which has now been a success two years in a row. This event attracts 400 fundraisers from all walks, to showcase what has been achieved in the past year and to inspire fundraising into the future. Bringing together speakers from across Europe, this prestigious event was held at the Royal Institution, and therefore stands out against many of the other sector events and conferences.

As the project manager, the key to its success is of course driving ticket sales through the right medium, with the right messaging, to the right people. I managed everything from the venue, the marketing materials, to the speakers and the ticket sales. As well as the welcome journey for the delegates.

“When you’re launching a new flagship event, Kathy is key! Marketing, relationship management, budget control, sales and web content are all skills that she brings to the event and can be trusted to spot any flaw in the plan early on. Kathy has a firm project discipline and an intuitive communication style, which allows her to juggle multiple and changing priorities and focus on key issues. Measuring success and attention to detail are essential and she exhibits these skills, and demonstrates a positive outlook to make the very best of all event opportunities.”
– Andy Whyte, Director.
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