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The most essential element of a direct marketing strategy is that you get to the right people with the right message.

It is essential to have a carefully planned direction being pushed by all of your direct marketing efforts in order to maximise the project’s overall effectiveness.

We are often approached by customers who have clearly not established what they want to achieve from their direct marketing strategy. One of our recent clients decided to create a flyer to be given out during a two-day exhibition at the NEC. They had designed a leaflet on Vista Print and had begun to populate it with copy and photos.

As soon as we looked at what they had put together, it was clear that their entire marketing strategy was lacking a clear and defined objective. After a brief discussion, it quickly became obvious that they were working blind. They had overlooked the crucial key questions which you must ask before undertaking any marketing project. They had not established what key messages they were trying to convey (to the market) and they had not identified which segment of the market which they were targeting.

We formulated a comprehensive marketing plan and brainstormed to establish the answers to these questions from the outset. We threw around numerous creative marketing ideas before deciding on the most effective way to achieve our goal. Having a succinct linear message from the early stages was core to the strategy, and allowed it to be effectively passed on to the customers, ultimately increasing leads and revenue.

To make sure your messages are reaching the right people, it is essential to go all through the necessary stages. Kathy has over 13 years in the marketing industry and by utilising her knowledge and experience to formulate a comprehensive direct marketing strategy, you can be sure that your core message will reach your potential customers. This will help to build upon your relationships with new and existing customers and to reinforce your brand voice.

So if you are looking for a way to reach out to your customers, whether you want to tell them about new products or simply to promote your brand image, get in touch and we can start putting a marketing plan together. We will evaluate the market and pull together some fresh and creative ideas to help you reach your audience. As well as being able to use our expertise and experience, We’ll take care of the entire direct marketing strategy, from start to finish.

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